Hidden Champion # 32 | Art | "From Asia To The World" - Yoon Hyup (April, 2014)

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Yoon Hyup on Instagram of Krink (26, Mar, 2014)

Exhibition | "Beyond The Lines" by Yoon Hyup (26, Feb, 2014)

Frank151 | Interview: Outside The Lines With Yoon Hyup (25, Mar, 2014)

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Frank151 | Borough Beautification: SoNoHo | Yoon Hyup (26, Feb, 2014)

Yoon Hyup's latest mural "Wishing for a Bright Sunny Day" has been featured in Frank 151 .
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rag & bone Official Blog | Yoon Hyup's Interview & Film

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[Film] Yoon Hyup - rag & bone Houston Project (YouTube:

Yoon Hyup X rag & bone Houston Project (Intervew / Press)

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Korea Times: Korean graffiti artist Yoon Hyup grabs attention in New York
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The 1st section of 'Korea Times' Jan 15th, 2014

Korea Daily New York (뉴욕 미주 중앙일보): "한국인 정체성이 작품 독창성"
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'GQ Black Edition' GQ Korea, (February, 2014), p.66

'Marie Claire Diary' Marie Claire Korea, (February, 2014), p.74

'A Story about Artist Yoon Hyup' 여성중앙(뉴욕 / 미주), (February, 2014), p.15-17

'Project' Computer Art Korea, (February, 2014), p.116 - 119

'Project' Maps, (February, 2014), p.34

'4 Artists Working with Krink Markers, Eloquence Magazine (February, 2014), p.126-127

Creative map of Seoul | The Korea Times | 11, Dec, 2013

Yoon Hyup's recent work, "Creative map of Seoul" has been featured on culture section of news paper, "The Korea Times", on 11th December, 2013.

"Designed by Yoon Hyup, a Korean designer from Littergram, Seoul’s creative map is a unique graphic image of the capital. The map is in line with his former work “Unlimited Path.”
“I want to express that Seoul can create various feelings. I think the more you know the city, the more attractive it becomes. The dynamic energy of Seoul is expressed in Korean traditional patterns such as ‘vine cloud’ and ‘wind cloud’ using five colors. I tried to strike a balance between Seoul’s iconic image and this pattern form,” he said.
The designer said that the city is full of the diversity of the crowd with a dynamic spirit. “Seoul is a city that constantly changes,” he said."

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The Korea Times published its first issue on Nov.1, 1950. And the publication of The Korea Times is the apple of the readers’ eye in English journalism, as it has survived as the longest running independent daily.


Daily Grind X Brown Breath | "Project B" | Art by Yoonhyup - Limited Edition Skateboard Deck

Yoonhyup a.k.a YNHP teams up with Daily Grind to produce limited edition skate decks for "Project B" of Brown Breath. The deck features Yoonhyup's signature cloud faced character and new Korean traditional pattern integrated into his work that symbolizes the urban sights of Seoul. Manufactured by Stereo Skateboards. Available through 26th October, stores of Brown Breath and Stereo Skateboards Korea.
(Photo. Brown Breath) | | |

Nike -Air Max- | Revealing The Art, "Camo" | Maps Magazine (July, August 2013), p.67-68

Yoon Hyup | Tommy Hilfiger | Surf Shack, Vogue Korea (July, 2013), p.59, p.283

June 14. 2013. YNHP | Somdef | Sdudio 360, "Somdef" 1st EP Release

YNHP | Somdef | Sdudio 360

On June 14. 2013, New album available in all Korean record stores and "Room 360"

EP Preview:

Somdef |
360sounds |

Yoon Hyup Live Painting @ Tommy Hilfiger Myeongdong Store 05.29 / 2013

5pm - 10pm, Wednesday, May 29th | 51-7 Myeongdong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

“Amoeba Hood 2013 Exhibition”, Maps Magazine, (May, 2013), p.138

*Primary and The Messengers LP - Cover Design: Kim Daehong / Character Design: Yoon Hyup

2013 AMOEBA HOOD in Seoul @ GANA ART CENTER 5.10 ~ 5.19 / 2013

Disney Art Toy @ KEPCO Art Center 5.1 ~ 5.29 / 2013

Official Information:

“Local People”, Maps Magazine, (April, 2013), p.90


360 Sounds presents: 360 Radio Station | Yoon Hyup x Som Serious Podcast 01

Official website of Som Serious -
Official website of 360 Sounds - | Listen by iTunes

“Creative Country: South Korea” IdN V.19 n.5 (Int'l Edition), (November, 2012), p.50–54

IdN™ Creators® — Yoonhyup Kim :
IdN™ Magazine® — IdN v19n5:

Trailer: IdN™ Video® — IdN Video v19n5: Hand-drawn
+ Check out short film of Yoonhyup, "Moved & Found" and short animation on IdN™ Video®

"Moved & Found" (2012)
"Yoonhyup ID" (2012)

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